Saturday, November 1, 2014

Website relaunch, new special interest sub-domain. is expanding. The first step is a new special interest sub-domain belonging to the german low mountain range HARZ. Several sample clips of our stock video footage taken in the mountain range HARZ region are included. More about this we offer some informations about the destinations and places where we have taken our stock video footage. If you're looking for a video clip for a TV documentation, or for your private or commercial website, or if you only want to have some views about the beautiful HARZ region with infos for hiking destinations, .... you're welcome and invited to take a look. If it isn't still yet, the site shall become the greatest stock video footage archive about the HARZ region and will be updated regulary from time to time.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Big Update - Several clips in several directories

Big updates are online! While editing my new footage takes more of my time as i have available i'll give you a short note what's happening now, in the last and in the next time. Please excuse me that it's not possible for me to provide you with steady and actual informations all the time. All clips from now on are available in a fantastic quality in 4k UHD video and in HD.

Let's start with a lot of maritime clips recorded at an event called HAMBURG CRUISE DAYS. Step by step i upload a bulk of clips with scenes taken in and around the Hamburg harbor, scenes taken by sightseeing boat trip, maritime scenes at Hamburg Landungsbrücken and Hamburg Speicherstadt, and scenes of the great parade of ships in the night with fireworks. This will need a whole while till the complete bulk is online, as i always step by step publish a set of around 10 new clips of this event.

Also a complete set of nature scenes from the low mountain range HARZ is complete online in between, also several clips about living species in a coral reef aquarium.

The next highlight which is online in between are several close up clips of Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle and falconry. There are some really beautifull must see clips like the following example and also several photos of theses scenes are available in different resolutions:

Maybe for some of you interesting, a complete new FX Collection is online. See here 2 examples:

One more highlight i'll present you are several clips of a Silverback Gorilla, his troop and other animals. This set is step by step going online and at last also photos of the scenes will be available in different resolutions.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beautiful black and yellow striped seawater fish Hektor's Grundel / Hector's Gobie

Beautiful black and yellow striped seawater fish Hektor's Grundel / Hector's Gobie (Koumansetta hectori) swimming in coral reef aquarium and eating / filtering plankton from ground sand. See more like this in my collection UNDERWATER. Available in 4k UHDTV and in HD.